Chef & Kitchen Coach

Kelly Page

Kelly Page is food allergy mom who is passionate about coaching people overwhelmed by cooking and short on time, especially with food allergies or have a specific diet.

She uses a practical and personalized down-to-earth approach to implement the best plan for each of her clients. She uncovers simple strategies to save you time and money, so you can have a lot less anxiety, and a lot more peace and confidence about getting healthy foods on the table.


Kelly has worked as a chef in top kitchens, including George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch, but she learned how overwhelming and isolating a specific diet can be after her son’s digestive issues, severe eczema, and then diagnosis of multiple life threatening food allergies all within his first year.

She's had her own health challenges, including IBS, thyroid issues, and is a breast cancer survivor. Through all of this, Kelly’s passion is to help others gain skills to lessen the stress of cooking every day and find their own joy in food again.